Overview of the Society


The Japanese Society of Limnology was founded in 1931 for the purpose of promoting and fostering the study of limnology in the broad meaning of the term. It publishes quarterly “The Japanese Journal of Limnology” and holds an annual meeting consisting of lectures, discussions and symposiums on limnological subjects.



Regular members 645
Student members 66
Honarary members 8
Institutional 44



(1) Annual Conventions
Cities where the convention was held after 2000 are as follows:
Fukuoka in 2000, Sendai in 2001, Fuchu in 2002, Okayama in 2003, Niigata in 2004, Kashiwara in 2005, Matutyama in 2006, Mito in 2007, Sapporo in 2008, Oita in 2009, Hirosaki in 2010, Matsue in 2011, Nagoya in 2012, Otsu in 2013, Tsukuba in 2014 Hakotate in 2015, Okinawa in 2016, and Tazawako in 2017.

(2) Local Societies
Hokkaido Local Society, Koshinetu Local Society, Kanto Local Society, Tokai Local Society, Kinki Local Society.



The Japanese Journal of Limnology” (in Japanese) and “Limnology” (in English) are published three times per year, respectively. Research articles, note, reviews and information on aspect of limnology are written in English or Japanese. “Limnology” is published by Springer in association with the Japanese Society of Limnology. The editors welcome original scientific contributions on physical, chemical, biological, or related research, including environmental issues, on any aspect of theoretical or applied limnology. The journal publishes research papers, notes, review articles, Asia/Oceania reports, and comments.
Publications before 2000 “The Japanese Journal of Limnology” has been written in both Japanese and English until 1999. However, it is restricted in Japanese since the establishment of “Limnology” in 2000, Contents of Volume 59 and 60 (1998 – 1999)



President: Shin-ichi Nakano
General Secretary : S. Ban
Secretary : K. Yoshiyama
Treasurer : N. Goto
Secretary for Public Relations : K. Osaka and T. Toda
Secretary for Environmental Issue : M. Urabe
Secretary for International Relation : M. Maruo
National: H-D. Park (Chubu), J. Urabe (Tohoku), M. Kagami (Kanto), T.Iwata (Chubu), M. You (Kanto), T. Yoshida (Kanto), T. Asaeda (Kanto), M. Sugiiyama (Kinki)
Local : K. Takano (Hokkaido), W. Makino (Tohoku), S. Matsuzaki (Kanto), K. Hirabayashi (Chubu), T. Ishikawa (Kinki), S. Sugahara (Chugoku), Y. Miyake (Shikoku), K. Oue (Kyushu)
Plan Board:
Chief: T. Fujii
Y. Iizumi, H. Oyagi, H. Takasu, H. Doi, M. Hokari, T. Minamoto, M. Yamada, M. Yamamuro
Editor-in-Chief : N. Takamura (Limnology) and T. Inoue (Japanese Journal of Limnology)
Managing Editor : N. Ushio (Limnology) and S. Sugahara (Japanese Journal of Limnology)


Application for Membership

Membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in the field of limnology who whishes to receive the “Limnology” and “Japanese Journal of Limnology”. Institutions are eligible to become members.

Annual dues are;
Regular members — 10,000 Japanese Yen
Student members — 3,000 Japanese Yen (no paper-based journals will be sent)
Senior members — 5,000 Japanese Yen (no paper-based journals will be sent)
Institutional members — 20,000 Japanese Yen

Application for MEMBERSHIP in Limnology -> Registration form PDF WORD

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